DeployLX Software Protection System

Trial Limit

Rules Tab

The Trial Limit is used to provide evaluation copies of the protected software and in conjunction with a Registration limit optionally allow the user to unlock a non-trial version of the software by entering a serial number.

See the Serial Numbers and the Registration Process topic for more details.

How is the Trial Limit Enforced?

When the license is validated DeployLX displays the trial form detailing the remaining trial period and prompts the user to register.

The trial period is defined by the child limits of the Trial Limit and are typically either the Time or Use limits, or both.

Configuring the Trial Period

The trial period is defined by any child limits. By default a Time limit of 30 days is included.

If the child limits are valid, then the user may continue to use the software. After the trial has expired they are required to obtain a registered copy of the software by installing a new license or by entering a serial number.

Checking for a Trial in Code

You may want to alter the behavior of your protected software when a trial version is used. For instance an image processing library may want to add a watermark to all processed images.

Check for a trial license by examining the IsTrial property of the license.

_license = SecureLicenseManager.Validate( Me, Nothing, Nohthing )

If _license.IsTrial Then
  _watermark.Visible = True
End If
_license = SecureLicenseManager.Validate( this, null, null );

if( _license.IsTrial )
  _watermark.Visible = true;

Displaying Trial Expiration Information

To display the trial expiration date elsewhere in your application access that information through the TimeMonitor and UseMonitor classes. See the Time or Use limits for details on using their monitors.

_license = SecureLicenseManager.Validate( Me, Nothing, Nothing )

Dim monitor as TimeMonitor = _license.GetTimeMonitor()
Console.WriteLine( "{0} remining.", monitor.TimeRemaining );
_license = SecureLicenseManager.Validate( this, null, null );

var monitor = _license.GetTimeMonitor();
Console.WriteLine( "{0} remaining.", monitor.TimeRemaining );

Customizing The Forms

The forms may be customized or completely replaced to fit your specific application style.

Customize the colors and icons of the forms by selecting the Theme button from the License Tab on the Ribbon.

See the How to Create a Custom Form topic for details on replacing or customizing the form.