DeployLX Software Protection System

Registration Limit

Rules Tab

The Registration Limit is used to capture customer registration information when the software is installed by the user and to obtain a serial number used to unlock a license.

See the Serial Numbers and the Registration Process topic for more details.

How is the Registration Limit Enforced?

When the license is validated DeployLX shows registration form will to the user. If registration is mandatory the user must provide their registration details to continue.

After registration is complete, the details are available from the RegistrationInfo collection of the license returned during validation.

Unlocking with a Serial Number

Licenses can be unlocked by entering a valid serial number. To support this system the license file must contain two or more licenses. One license should contain a Registration Limit to prompt the user for their registration details. The other licenses in the license file define must have the Require a serial number to use the 'XXXX' edition option selected.

See the Serial Numbers and the Registration Process topic for more details.

ASP.NET Applications and Windows Services

When a license with a Registration Limit is validated from an ASP.NET Application or a Windows Service the registration form will not be displayed. If registration is required and the license has not been registered then validation fails.

Use a helper application using a standard windows application or populate the SerialNumbers array before calling validate. The helper application should load the protected assembly and do something to cause the license to be validated, typically creating an instance of the protected class.

Customizing The Forms

The forms may be customized or completely replaced to fit your specific application style.

Customize the colors and icons of the forms by selecting the Theme button from the License Tab on the Ribbon.

See the How to Create a Custom Form topic for details on replacing or customizing the form.

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