DeployLX Software Protection System

Network License Client Limit

Rules Tab

The Network License Client Limit requests authorization from a network license service protected by a Network License Limit.

How is the Network License Client Limit Enforced?

When the license is validated DeployLX connects to a network license service to request authorization to use the software. If the network service does not authorize the license then validation fails.

Learn more about Network Licensing.

Caution Be sure to add a reference to DeployLX.Licensing.Nlm.v5.dll to your project. Found in [Program Files]\XHEO\DeployLX\v5.0\Redistributable\.NET 2.0.

Customizing The Forms

The forms may be customized or completely replaced to fit your specific application style.

Customize the colors and icons of the forms by selecting the Theme button from the License Tab on the Ribbon.

See the How to Create a Custom Form topic for details on replacing or customizing the form.

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