DeployLX Software Protection System

Domain Name Limit

The Domain Name Limit restricts the use of protected ASP.NET controls and applications to a specific domain name.

How is the Domain Name Limit Enforced?

When the license is validated DeployLX determines if the current thread is handling an ASP.NET request. If the thread is not handling an ASP.NET request the limit skips the domain name check and is considered valid. If the thread is for an ASP.NET request then the actual domain name used to request the page will be compared to the list of permitted domain names. If the domain name does not match then the limit is invalid.

Domain Names

When matching domain names, DeployLX uses case insensitive comparison as well as supporting wild cards and regular expressions.


The following wildcards are supported


Matches any single optional character.

* Matches one or more characters.

Regular Expressions

To use a regular expression prefix the pattern with a # character. Everything after # is treated as a regular expression and is used to match against the domain.

Regular expression comparisona are always case insensitive.

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