DeployLX Software Protection System

Runtime and Designtime Limits

The Runtime and Designtime Limits control the types of execution environments that the protected software may run in. The Designtime Limit restricts the software to running only in a designer such as Visual Studio .NET. The Runtime Limit prevents the software from being used in an IDE and only allows it to run in a standard runtime host.

How is the Runtime and Designtime Limits Enforced?

When the license is validated DeployLX determines if the current process is a designer by checking the license context and comparing the host against the list of application names identified as designtime or runtime hosts. If the host application is a designer the Runtime Limit will cause the license to fail. If the host application is not a designer the Designtime Limit will cause the license to fail.

The Designtime and Runtime limits are generally useful only for protecting components and controls that can be loaded into the designtime surface of a host application. They cannot be used to prevent any of the compilers from compiling source code directly against the assembly.

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