DeployLX Software Protection System

Delayed Limits

Limits that depend on external resources can be validated on a separate thread significantly improving the start-up time of a protected application.

Limits Supporting Delayed Validation

How is the Delayed Limits Enforced?

When the license is validated and asynchronous validation is enabled, validation will be skipped temporarily. If all other limits in the license are valid, then a new thread will be created to handle the validation.

The delayed limit is expected to be valid under normal circumstances. If validation on the separate thread fails, then the DelayedValidationFailed event is raised. You can disable the application, or retry validation using a single thread by setting NoDelayed to true.

You must handle the DelayedValidationFailed event when using delayed limits. You may also want to handle the DelayedValidationComplete event to and disable certain functionality until the full validation has completed.

Caution A new thread is created on each request. Multiple calls to validate that rapid succession may result in performance degradation. Select Skip async check if pending to improve performance.

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