DeployLX Software Protection System

Activation Limit Template Variables

Template variables for the activation limit.

Variables for the Unlock Email Template

{SerialNumber} The serial number of the license if set, otherwise the License Id.
{MachineCode} A hash of the client machine profile.
{ReferenceId} The reference id of the activation profile selected by the user.

Variables for the ASP.NET Header and Footer Template

Limit Properties

{InstanceId} A unique value generated each time the template is formatted.
{LimitId} The LimitId of the activation limit.
{LicenseId} The LicenseId of the license being validated.
{SerialNumber} The serial number of the license being validated.
{MachineCode} A hash of the client machine profile.
{MachineProfileSelectionOptions} A string containing a collection of <option> tags for each activation profile available for selection.
{Url} The url of the current page.
{UnlockCodeMask} Text in the format XXXX-XXXX, etc. representing the format expected of the unlock code.
{ActivationError} Error message from any previous attempts to activate.
{SupportPhone} Phone number of customer server.
{SupportEmail} Email address of customer server.
{SupportWebsite} Web site of customer service.

Resource Labels

Resource strings loaded from the assembly string resources.


Theme Values

The theme values represent properties of the Super Form Theme defined by the license file.


Optional Sections

The activation form can optional hide some portions of the template output when they are not available. For instance if activation by code is not supported then that portion of the template should not be included in the output.

To define an optional section you define an opening comment and a closing comment that indicate the name of the section. If the exclusion condition is met then comments and everything between them is excluded from the resulting output.

Enter code: <input type="text" name="AC_{LimitId}_Code" size="48" style="FONT: 12pt, 'Lucida Console','Courier New'">
Section 1 Exclusion Condition

Excluded when not configured to accept activation unlock codes or the manual button is explicitly set to hidden.

ACTIVATE ONLINE Excluded when no license servers have been defined.
SUPPORT EMAIL Excluded when the customer service email has not been defined.
SUPPORT WEB Excluded when the customer service website has not been defined.
SUPPORT PHONE Excluded when the customer service phone number has not been defined.
ERROR Excluded when there is no error to report to the user.

1. Section names are case sensitive.

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