DeployLX Software Protection System

DomainNameLimit Class

Restricts the use of a protected Type to ASP.NET pages served from a specific domain name.


<SerializableAttribute> _
Public Class DomainNameLimit _
	Inherits Limit
public class DomainNameLimit : Limit


The current request must be for the given domain name. If the IPAddress is specified then the domain must also resolve to that address.

Domain names can include wild cards in their names. You can use the standard * and ? characters for any word or character respectively. If the name is prefixed with the # character, the text following it is treated as a regular expression and is compared with the given pattern.

See the Domain Name Limit Reference for more information.

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Assembly:  DeployLX.Licensing.v5 (in DeployLX.Licensing.v5.dll)

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