DeployLX Software Protection System

DeployLX.Licensing.Nlm.v5 Namespace


Public classBootedPanel

Displayed when the network administrator has booted the user and the license is lost. Offers a reason for the boot.

Public classCheckinPanel

Displayed when the user is returning a checked out license.

Public classCheckoutPanel

Displayed when the user is checking out license.

Public classConnectionLostPanel

Displayed when the connection to the network license service is lost.

Public classConnectPanel

Displayed when the user needs to connect to the network service when it cannot be located automatically.

Public classFoundServerEventArgs

Event arguments for the FoundServer event.

Public classMachine

Repsents a network computer including the Name and Addresses of the machine.

Public classNetworkLicenseCertificate

Represents a certificate used to communicate between the NLM service and the client.

Public classNetworkLicenseClient

Managed communications with the network license service for the NetworkLicenseClientLimit.

Public classNetworkLicenseClientEventArgs

Event arguments for events of the NetworkLicenseClient class.

Public classNetworkLicenseClientLimit

Coordinates shared license usage over an enterprise network.

Public classNetworkLicenseClientLimit..::..PageIds

Super form panel page ids used by the NetworkLicenseClientLimit.

Public classNetworkLicenseClientMonitor

Provides access to events and commands of the NetworkLicenseClientLimit after successful license validation.

Public classNetworkLicenseDiscoverer

Locates the network license monitor service on the network.

Public classNetworkLicenseException

Represents an exception thrown by the network license system.

Public classNetworkLicenseExtensions

Extends the standard licensing runtime with additional network specific methods.

Public classNetworkLicenseLimit

Coordinates shared license usage over an enterprise network.

Public classNetworkLicenseMessage

Defines a message sent between the network client and monitor.

Public classNetworkLicenseMessage..::..WellKnownValues

Name constants for the Values dictionary.

Public classNetworkLicenseMonitorClient

Implements a channel client for the INetworkLicenseMonitor contract.

Public classNetworkLicenseRegistrationLimit..::..PageIds


Public classNetworkLicenseServiceException

Represents an exception that was thrown at the service side of a network license connection.

Public classNetworkLicenseServiceExceptionDetails

Defines details of an exception that occurs on the service.

Public classSRC

Static resource constant identifiers.


Public interfaceINetworkLicenseClientCallback

Defines the contract for network license clients to receive out-of-band messages from the NLM service.

Public interfaceINetworkLicenseDiscovery

Defines the contract for the network license discovery service.

Public interfaceINetworkLicenseMonitor

Defines the contract for the network license monitoring service.

Public interfaceINetworkLicenseRegistrar

Defines the contract for the network license registrar service.

Public interfaceINetworkLimit

Defines an interface of common properties for network limits.


Public enumerationNetworkLicenseCommand

Defines a series of commands used to communicate between the network client and the service.

Public enumerationNetworkLicenseTrackingMethod

The types of network license tracking.

Public enumerationNlmEndpointType

Defines the end point types that can be discovered through the INetworkLicenseDiscovery service.