DeployLX Software Protection System

DeployLX.Licensing.Management.v5 Namespace

DeployLX Licensing contains two components. The license runtime and the license managment tools. The management tools are used strictly on the server or as part of the development/sales process and are never distributed to the end user. The primary managment class are the LicenseKey class which provides license signing and code generation abilities and the LicenseServer class which serves as a base class for remote license servers.

The Developers Guide contains additional documentation about licensing concepts and usage.


Public classConfiguration

Provides static properties and methods for obtaining licensing application configuration information.

Public classLicenseKey

Implements a class for generating keys, signing licenses and performing other actions for a SecureLicense.

Public classLicenseManagementException

Represents an exception that has occurred while signing a license or performing other managment tasks.

Public classLicenseServer

Serves as the base class for license servers.

Public classLicenseTester

Validates a license in a test environment without needing a custom EXE.

Public classLicensingSectionHandler

Implements a section handler for reading configuration settings in an application's .config file.

Public classSalesLicensePackage

Stores a license file and it's associated key for simple distribution to the license sales tool.

Public classServerRequestContext

Represents the context of a LicenseServer request.

Public classSRC

Static resource constant identifiers.

Public classThemePackage

Represents a standalone license theme and resources that can be applied to a LicenseFile.