DeployLX Software Protection System

LicenseValidationRequestInfo Members

The LicenseValidationRequestInfo type exposes the following members.


Public methodLicenseValidationRequestInfo

Initializes a new instance of the LicenseValidationRequestInfo class.


Public methodAddSearchPath

Adds a new path to the search list for licenses.

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Public propertyAdditionalServerProperties

Gets a collection of arbitrary name/value properties to include when calling the license server. Useful for reporting application specific state or data to the license server when validating.

Public propertyDeveloperMode

Gets or sets a value that indicates if additional developer information and diagnostics should be displayed on forms and errors.

Public propertyDisableCache

Gets or sets a value that indicates if the license cache should not be used.

Public propertyDisableTrials

Gets or sets a value that indicates if trial licenses should not be validated.

Public propertyDontPersistToStorage

Gets or sets a value that indicates if DeployLX should not persist license state to secure storage. DeveloperMode must also be true.

Public propertyDontShowForms

Gets or sets a value that indicates if Windows Forms should be suppressed.

Public propertyElevationCommand

Gets or sets the path to an EXE that will be called to perform an elevated license validation when a license is validated in Windows Vista.

Public propertyExtensionCodes

Gets or sets an array of extension codes that can be used by an IExtendableLimit to automatically extend their validation period during validation.

Public propertyLicenseFile

Gets or sets the one and only LicenseFile to test and validate. See warning.

Public propertyLicenseFilter

Gets or sets a delegate for use by the Validate(Object, Type, LicenseValidationRequestInfo) method when trying to select the license to validate.

Public propertyLogger

Gets or sets a delegate used to receive license validation logging data. Use DefaultLicenseLogger.Instance.Log for basic logging.

Public propertyNoDelayed

Gets or sets a value that indicates if delayed limits should not be executed asynchronously. When true, delayed limits will be validated synchronously.

Public propertyOnlyCheckManualLicenseFile

Gets or sets a value that indicates if the LicenseFile should be the only license file evaluated.

Public propertyRegistrationInfo

Gets a collection of values representing the fields of the the registration form gathered during registration. Can be pre-filled to populate the registration form with initial values.

Public propertySaveExternalSerials

Gets or sets a value that indicates if DeployLX should persist serial numbers provided in the SerialNumbers collection.

Public propertySearchPaths

Gets an array of file paths to search for licenses. These paths will be searched first followed by the default search paths. Use AddSearchPath(String) to add a new search path.

Public propertySerialNumbers

Gets or sets an array of serial numbers to use when validating. If nullNothingnullptra null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic) stored values may be checked.

Public propertyShouldGetNewSerialNumber

Gets or sets a value that indicates if any existing saved serial numbers should be ignored and new serial numbers should be requested from the user.

Public propertyShouldPersistCodes

Gets or sets a value that indicates if serial numbers and activation codes obtained during the validation process should be persisted on the machine for re-use when the license is updated and needs new registration information.

Public propertyShowFinalErrorReport

Gets or sets a value that indicates if the final error report form should be displayed.

Public propertyShowFormFilter

Gets or sets a filter that can be used to determine if a limit should show it's form during validation.

Public propertySimulateOffline

Gets or sets a value that indicates if DeployLX should simulate a machine without an internet connection. DeveloperMode must also be true.

Public propertySupportInfo

Gets the collection of support used for validating the license. This property is populated from the values initially defined by the LicenseHelpAttribute.

Public propertyTestDate

Gets or sets the date to use when validating. Used for testing only and cannot be set to a date/time earlier than the current system clock.