DeployLX Software Protection System

Network License Service

The network license service authorizes and controls access to shared licenses on a network. The license for the network license service itself provided by a Network Authority that defines the total number of machines allowed to use the protected software on a network.

Service Options

The network license service can be run one of two ways, each offering their own advantages. The files needed to run the network service are located in [C:\Program Files\XHEO\DeployLX\v5.0]\Redistributable\.NET 2.0\Network License Service.

In addition to the standard redistributable files, you must also include the NlmAuthority.dll created by DeployLX. The Network Authority is discussed in more detail below.

Tray Application

Running the network license as a tray service is the easiest way to get started and is the recommended method during development and testing. While running the service places an icon in the system tray and can easily be started, stopped and shutdown. The primary disadvantage of the tray service is that the user must be logged in while it is running.

To run as a Tray Application

  1. Run NLM Tray Service.exe
Windows Service

Running as a Windows Service allows the network license service to start and run whenever the machine is running. This is the recommended method for actual customer deployment.

To run as a Windows Service

  1. Run nlmservice.exe /install to install the service.
  2. Run nlmservice.exe /start to start it

Licensing the Network License Service

While the network license service manages license use of the protected software on the client network, it too must be licensed.

Protecting the network service restricts the service properties such as the allowed number of machines, dead connection timeouts, default ports, etc. Protection is demanded through the use of a network authority that defines the service and client limits and provides a network license certificate to secure communications between the service and it's connected clients.

Network License Certificates

Network License Certificates work in much the same way as SSL certificates used to secure Internet transactions. The certificate uses 1024-bit RSA public/private key pair to establish a secure channel. Using a network certificate ensures that messages such as those to grant access to a license cannot be spoofed.

Certificates are issued to a named identity such as "Acme Corp" so that the customer can identify the authority of the network license.

Certificates may be used to create any number of licenses. Each individual license is then limited to authorizing a maximum number clients specified by the certificate.  For example a certificate with a maximum of 25 machines can be used to issue a license for 5 machines, another license for 10 machines and yet another for 25, etc machines. To issue a license for more than 25 machines a new certificate must be acquired.

Obtain your own certificate to issue network license online.

Network Authority

The network authority (NlmAuthority.dll) is a special assembly created in the DeployLX manager used by the network license service to determine the rights and settings for the network. The server license and client license both reference the same network license certificate so they can trust messages from each other.

To create a Network Authority

  1. Select Network License from the Home tab in the DeployLX Manager.
  2. Select the Network Server License edition from the License Editions list.
  3. Switch to the Limits tab.
  4. Select the Network License limit.
  5. In the Network License Certificate group select the Select button to pick your network license certificate.
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 for the Network Client License and Network Client limit.
  7. Select Create Authority from the License tab to open the Create Network Authority Form.
  8. Fill in the Support Information.
  9. Select Generate and save the NlmAuthority.dll to a secure location.

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