DeployLX Software Protection System

Network License Administration

Both the tray application and Windows Service version of the network license service are managed with the NLM Admin.exe tool (located in the [C:\Program Files\XHEO\DeployLX\v5.0]\Redistributable\.NET 2.0\Network License Service folder).


The service obtains it's default values from the Network License Limit embedded in the Network Authority. Once connected, the network admin tool is used to change the default values from the Service | Configure menu.

Service Port

The TCP/IP port that the service should use to communicate with network clients. Changing the port will cause the network license service to restart.

If there are clients currently connected a warning is displayed recommending that you boot the users with instructions on reconnecting to the new port.

Maximum Checkout Length

How long users are allowed to check out a license. The default is 15 days, but may be extended based on business needs.

Dead Connection Timeout

When a licensed client loses it's connection to the network license service the license will eventually be returned to the available license pool. The dead connection timeout defines how long the service will wait for the client to reconnect before considering the license available for another client. The client will stop working until the user can reconnect to the service.

Heartbeat Interval

The network client sends a message periodically to the network service to indicate that the client is still alive and using the license. When the service fails to receive the message for a period (Dead Connection Timeout) the client is considered dead and the license is released. The heartbeat interval controls how often the heartbeat message is sent.

By default the interval is 1/10th of the Dead Connection Timeout or 1 second whichever is greater. Network admins may want to increase this value to reduce network traffic at the risk of greater exposure to dead network clients.

Reserved Machines

The network administrator can reserve a certain number of machines for use on the network. These licenses cannot be checked out and are always available to connected network clients.


When the number of available licenses has been reached and another user needs a license (for example the company executive) the network administrator can boot one of the other users.

To boot a user

  1. Select the Active Licenses tab in the network admin.
  2. Select the license to boot.
  3. Right click and select Boot.
  4. Enter an explanation, and select OK to boot the user.

Forced Checkins

On occasion users will check out a license and forget to check it in, or the machine they license was checked out to becomes inoperable. If the license permits, network admins can force a checked out license to return to the license pool.

To force a license to check in

  1. Select the Active Licenses tab in the network admin.
  2. Select the license to boot.
  3. Right click and select Force Checkin.


To shutdown the network service

  1. Select Service | Shutdown.
  2. Enter an explanation for the shutdown.
  3. Select OK.

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