DeployLX Software Protection System

Keys and Signatures

License keys are used by DeployLX to ensure the licenses have not been modified and have been created only by authorized users.

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Licensing Signing Keys

When a license file is saved, DeployLX signs the license with the license signing keys created by the Project Wizard. During the signing process the licenses are also encrypted using the same keys to prevent unauthorized users from tampering with the license.

The Project Wizard creates LSK files managed by the Key Manager and stored in[CommonApplicationData]\DeployLX\5.0\Keys.

The keys used by DeployLX must be kept secure and should be given the same care as any other essential business asset. Only trusted employees should be given access to the keys.

Caution Keys cannot be regenerated or recovered if lost. Allways back up your keys.

Public Key Encryption

Public Key Encryption uses a simple algorithm applied over a series of data using one of a pair of numbers as key. The algorithm is uniquely designed such that it cannot be reversed using the same key. Instead the second of the pair is used to decrypt the data.

The first key, known as the private key, is kept secret so that no other user can encrypt the data. The public key can then be used to decrypt that data knowing that it could only have been encrypted by the complimentary private key.

By creating a signature with the private key we can ensure that a license has not been modified since it was created by the authorized user. Since each assembly is associated with only one pair of keys we can also be sure that licenses created with one key cannot be used to unlock software protected with a different set of keys.

Copying Keys to Another Machine

Copy the keys used to protect your software to all machines that will generate licenses, serial numbers, activation codes or extensions from the DeployLX Manager.

To copy keys to another machine

  1. Select Key Manager from the Home tab of the Ribbon.
  2. The Key Manager is displayed. Select Backup All Keys.
  3. Select the location to save the encrypted key archive to and select Save.
  4. Enter a password to protect the key archive and select OK.
  5. Copy the key archive to the second machine and open the Key Manager on that machine.
  6. Select Restore Keys on the second machine.
  7. Select the key archive copied from the first machine and select Open.
  8. Enter the password selected when the archive was saved and select OK.

Exporting Keys from DeployLX

To export the keys from the DeployLX Manager

  1. Select Key Manager from the Home tab of the Ribbon.
  2. The Key Manager is displayed. Select the keys to export from the list and select Export.
  3. Select Public & Private key for installation on a license server and select OK.
  4. Save the keys to an easy to remember location.

Deploying to a License Server

To deploy keys to a license server export the keys from DeployLX and copy them to the ~/App_Data/Keys folder.

Customize the location of the key folder by setting the KeyFolder property of the license server.

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