DeployLX Software Protection System

Code Masks

Code masks provide visual cues to the user entering license codes such as a serial number, activation code or extension. Masked fields only allow valid characters into the field and indicate the expected code format.

When editing masks manually the following characters codes are available


Any letter or digit. Converted automatically to upper case.


Any letter or digit.


Any character defined in the license's character set.


Any character. Converted automatically to upper case.


Any character.


Any digit 0-9.


Any numeric character (0-9, +, -, . )


Include the next character as a literal value.


Change the prompt character. x will be the next value to display when prompting the user to enter another character.


Any other character is treated as a literal value.

The user may only enter that exact character (ignoring case). When the user is entering a code any literal characters required will be entered automatically as needed.


This example demonstrates the use of a typical code mask. When the following mask is used


...the user will be prompted with an input field like this