DeployLX Software Protection System

Options Form

Rules Tab

The Options Form is used to allow a user to customize, set, or restore certain properties about their DeployLX CodeVeil experience.

To open the Options Form click the Application Menu, then click on DeployLX Options.

CodeVeil Node

The main section for configuring options for DeployLX CodeVeil in the DeployLX manager.


Keep a log of the veiling process

Tells CodeVeil to log the process of assembly veiling.

Log path Location CodeVeil should create the log when a project is veiled. Relative to the projects root folder.



Controls the number of threads to allow when veiling a project. A value of -1 (set by default) will automatically control the best number of threads for the current machine configuration.

Always close veil progress dialog when complete When checked, the Veil Progress Form dialog will automatically close when veiling is complete.
Show individual item progress during veiling When checked, individual types and members will show their progress in the Veil Progress Form during the veiling process.


Install VS AddIn Installs the Visual Studio AddIn for CodeVeil.

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