DeployLX Software Protection System

Obfuscation Selection Rule Form

Rules Tab

The Obfuscation Selection Rule Form allows you to edit a selection rule for a specific assembly.

See the Obfuscation Rules topic for details on using this form.

Pattern Options

Rename matching objects

Indicates if types and members that match the rule should be renamed.


The search pattern for a custom obfuscation selection rule. You can use the * and ? wildcards to match multiple and individual characters.

Treat as a regular expression

When selected the Pattern is treated as a regular expression.

Filter Options

Object Types

The types of objects to match.

All Matches all object types.
None Clears object selection.

The visibility of the objects to match.

All Matches all visibilities.
Public Selects Public, Protected and Protected Internal.
Private Selects Internal and Private.
Comments Comments and / or notes about the rule.

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