DeployLX Software Protection System

Troubleshooting Other Problems

If you can't resolve the problem by following troubleshooting Obfuscation or Encryption problems then you'll need to contact customer service for help. When contacting customer service be sure to include all error messages, screen shots if available, the versions of the operating system, .NET and CodeVeil used, and copies of both your veiled and unveiled assemblies. Most problems that are not covered here are difficult to diagnose and the more information provided the faster customer service will be able to resolve your issue.

Before contacting customer service

  1. Make sure the test machine meets the minimum system requirements.
  2. Try the steps detailed in the Troubleshooting Encryption Problems topic.
  3. Try the steps detailed in the Troubleshooting Obfuscation Problems topic.

To report an issue to customer service

  1. Open your project in DeployLX.
  2. Select Help | Generate Support Request Package from the Home tab on the Ribbon.
  3. Save the .XSP file to your Desktop.
  4. Select Help | About from the Home tab on the Ribbon.
  5. Select Copy Details from the About form.
  6. Submit a support request including
    • Your DeployLX CodeVeil serial number.
    • Detailed error reports and screen shots.
    • The .XSP package.
    • The version of Windows the problem occurred on.
    • The version of .NET.
    • Pasted details from the About form.

If you forget to include some of the requested information you will be asked to provide it before customer service will attempt to diagnose the issue.

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