DeployLX Software Protection System

VeilProject Task

The VeilProject task performs the actual veiling of a CVP project.

<UsingTask AssemblyFile="$(TasksPath)\DeployLX.CodeVeil.MSBuild.v5.dll" 
           TaskName="VeilProject" />

  <Output TaskParameter="VeiledAssemblies"
          ItemName="ProjectVeiledAssemblies" />


Projects ItemGroup

Collection of CVP project paths to be veiled.

Ui true|false

Indicates if the veiling process should display the progress dialog while processing.

Notifications None | Error | Warning | Batch | Primary | Secondary | Parsing | Verbose

The level of detail to include in the build log. Default is Secondary.

Threads number

The number of threads to use when processing. The maximum allowed depends on the license. See the license agreement for details. -1 uses the maximum licensed for the current hardware.

VeiledAssemblies ItemGroup

[Output] The physical paths where each assembly were written to.

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