DeployLX Software Protection System

ResolveVeilAssemblies Task

The ResolveVeilAssemblies task is used to resolve the paths to the assembly inputs and outputs.

<UsingTask AssemblyFile="$(TasksPath)\DeployLX.CodeVeil.MSBuild.v5.dll" 
           TaskName="ResolveVeilAssemblies" />

  <Output TaskParameter="Inputs"
          ItemName="_ResolvedVeilAssembliesInputs" />
  <Output TaskParameter="Outputs"
          ItemName="_ResolvedVeilAssembliesOutputs" />



Assemblies ItemGroup

Collection of assemblies to be veiled.

RootPath path

The root path where all relative paths should be relative to. Normally this is the path to the folder where the CVP project is located.

Outputs ItemGroup

[Output] The physical paths where each assembly will be written to.

Inputs ItemGroup

[Output] The physical paths where the source assemblies are located at.

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