DeployLX Software Protection System

Whole Project Bundling and Encryption

Simplify deployment with a single EXE or DLL. Whole Project Bundling and Encryption bundles and encrypts all of the assemblies in the project into a single assembly. The bundled assemblies are encrypted and compressed so that the single bundled assembly is significantly smaller than the individual assemblies bundled separately.

The runtime executive will virtualize attempts to load bundled assemblies making them appear as if they exist on disk but only within the protected process.

Whole Project Bundling requires Code Encryption and creates a 32-bit assembly that runs on both 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows.

To enable Whole Project Bundling and Encryption

  1. Open your project in DeployLX.
  2. Navigate to the Whole Project Bundling & Encryption section.
  3. Select Bundle assemblies into a single DLL or EXE.
  4. Select the target assembly to add all other assemblies to.

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