DeployLX Software Protection System

DeployLX® CodeVeil Developer's Guide

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The Veiling Process

Discusses the overall veiling process with links to more detailed information about each step.

Planning a Project to be Protected

Start your project right by learning how to prepare your software for protection by CodeVeil.

Runtime Protection

Learn what DeployLX CodeVeil does to protect your assembly at runtime.

Obfuscate Everything Protection

Rename and obfuscate all calls even to system libraries and third party controls

Whole Project Bundling and Encryption

Bundle all the project dependencies into a single EXE or DLL.

Compile time Attributes

Configure obfuscation and encryption settings directly in your code.

What is Obfuscation?

Learn what obfuscation does for you.

Code Encryption

Learn how your code is encrypted.

String Encryption

Discuses how to use string encryption and the effects on your assembly.

Resource Encryption and Compression

Learn about the managed resource encryption and compression features of CodeVeil.

Strong Names

Discuses what strong names are and how they relate to software protection.

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