DeployLX Software Protection System

Compile Time Attributes

Compile time attributes make it possible to control most aspects of the veiling process directly in source code.

Adding a Reference to the Compile Time Assembly

To define these settings in code you must add a reference to the DeployLX.CodeVeil.CompileTime.v5.dll assembly to your project and import the DeployLX.CodeVeil.CompileTime.v5 namespace.

When the project is veiled, the attribute settings are read and then removed from the protected assembly along with the reference to the compile time assembly.

The Attributes

There are several assemblies that can be applied to the assembly or invididual members. See the Compile Time Attributes reference topic for a list of available attributes.

Generating Attributes with the Assembly Editor

The Assembly Attribute Tray in the Assembly Editor and Member Overrides Form include ready to copy code using Compile Time Attributes to achieve the same effects as the selected settings.

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