Thank you for choosing XHEO for your software protection needs. XHEO constantly updates its products fixing bugs as well as incremental innovations such as adding new features, usability enhancements and protection against new security threats. 

With Assurance Contract
Critical bug fixes and New major product releases.
Incremental Updates & Features.
24 hour email support.
Priority Support over standard users.
Automatically renewed to keep you current.
Renewal Price locked for the life of the contract.
%30 for 12 months or %20 for 6 months.
$100 add-on fee if added later.
Standard Support
  • 90 days critical bug fixes for the same major release version.
  • 48 hour email response pending any support contract users.
  • Priority support at $350/incident.
  • Included free with purchase.
This is a summary of the support options. Refer to the section Software Assurance and Updates in the EULA for details.

Program Details

Contract Fees

For 12 month contract, fees are 30% of the MSRP of the full edition of the product being assured renewed every 12 months. This price is fixed for the duration of the contract. For 6 month contract, fees are 20% of the MSRP  every 6 months.

Renewing Your Contract

XHEO will automatically renew your assurance contract the week it expires for another 6 or 12 months according to the length of the contract. You can find the list of current contracts in the account section o f the website. There you can control the automatic renewal settings, update your payment details and review the contract history.

Recovering an Expired Contract

If your contract has expired you may still renew the contract. In addition to the regular Contract Fees for renewal you must pay Catch-up Fees. The Catch Fees include a $25 re-instatement fee and the full Contract Fees for each 6 month period, or a pro-rated amount for less than 6 months, from the time the contract was last valid. The Contract Fees will be recalculated based on the current assurance program rates.

Adding A Contract

If you did not purchase an Assurance Contract when you placed the original order you may be eligible, subject to restrictions, to add a contract at a later time. In addition to the Catch-up Fees and Contract Fees there will be a $100 one time surcharge to add the contract. Please contact sales for help adding a contract.